Participants from the Maize Research Institute: dr Violeta Anđelković, dr Natalija Kravić, dr Vojka Babić, dr Nenad Delić

The aim is to increase the knowledge on valuable traits of publicly available crop germplasm, with a view to introduce these traits into public and private breeding programmes. Evaluation data from different environments across the Europe will also aid in identifying adapted accessions for breeding of climate resilient crops. Through crop-specific public–private partnerships, EVA is generating standardized evaluation data (both the phenotypic and the genotypic) for numerous crop accessions and landraces available in European gene banks. The MRIZP is actively involved in EVA maize network both as a gene bank (providing of propagation material and background information on accessions to facilitate their selection and ensure that the existing data in the European Search Catalogue for Plant Genetic Resources – EURISCO is current; in the multiplication of accessions; evaluation and data analysis) and as a breeding company (contributing to seed multiplication and performing evaluation field trials).